Introducing Red Mercury, a dynamic electronic duo hailing from the vibrant streets of London, UK. With a genuine passion for crafting music that blurs the lines between analog warmth and digital innovation, they're redefining what it means to create captivating electronic soundscapes. 

In their West London studio, Red Mercury weaves together the nostalgic charm of vintage synthesizers with the cutting-edge possibilities of modular hardware. Their music is a fusion of styles including Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Breakbeat, and Drum and Bass. The result? A unique sonic journey that'll make you move and feel. 

But Red Mercury isn't just about the music. They've got an eye for visual artistry too. From their own photography to crafting films that perfectly complement their tunes, they're all about creating an immersive experience that captivates both the ears and the eyes. In fact, they've even ventured into uncharted territory, using Artificial Intelligence to create stunning music videos – a testament to their creativity that knows no bounds. 

Experts and fans alike have taken notice: 

"A perfect blend of technology and emotion" – Digital Empire Records 
"Coolness and creativity in one package" – Alpas Records 
"Innovative and exciting sounds" – Lynx3R 
"A journey you don't want to end" – JLT Music 
"Beats that grab you and don't let go" – JON T 
"Basslines that hit the sweet spot" – Moszq 
"Vibes that resonate deeply" – Mateusz Okreglicki 
"A modern take on drum and bass" – OPSAT 
"Grooves that stay with you" – Last Day Deaf 

Ghost Label Records did not hold back, "This could literally be the best breakbeat I've heard in my life. We are talking about absolute top-tier sound engineering... Incredible work." 

Another reviewer envisions their music in a dystopian future, adding, "Your music is like a soundtrack to life's fragility and beauty, blending sweet vocals with powerful synths." 

So, whether you're a lover of electronic beats or someone seeking a musical journey that transcends boundaries, Red Mercury is a duo you won't want to miss. They're here to make you groove, feel, and experience music in ways you never thought possible.