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june 2024

Lots of amazing reviews of our new track "Romeo Echo Delta" over in the media section. Check out what everyone is saying below. 

Romeo Echo Delta RELEase

Back with a new video

Our new music video is complete and online, after a mammoth four months of production. We really put everything into this one, including 3D animation, virtual sets, a games engine, live footage, and AI!

Firefly is flying

thank you everybody!

As of 13 September, Firefly is currently #1 in both Drum and Bass, and the Breakbeat streaming charts. Thank you to everyone who has supported our track! 

chart results


As of August 23rd 2023, Firefly is currently charting at #5 in the Top 100 streaming breaks charts. Very nice to be getting recognition!


Red Mercury goes full sci fi!

Enjoy some Drum n Bass, plus a full 5 minute sci fi short made using the latest artificial intelligence software. 

"Follow Me"

Red Mercury's Latest Release

Our latest original track is a hardhitting trance / progressive track made in our own studio. Utilising all modular and analog equipment, this track is reminiscent of Deadmau5, Above and Beyond, and The Crystal Method. 

Press release for Red Mercury's new AI generated music video for "Follow Me" 

Red Mercury Unleashes Groundbreaking AI-Generated Music Video "Follow Me" 
London, UK - Jan. 12, 2023 

Red Mercury, a London based duo, has released their latest music video "Follow Me" on Monday, January 9, 2023, and it's making waves in the music industry. 

The video, which was created using a combination of source video and text suggestions, was produced using cutting-edge AI applications such as Stable Diffusion, Dall-E, and Midjourney, as well as custom code. The band's producer and software developer, Steve Gregory, who has been working in the artificial intelligence area for since the 1990s, led the project. 

"I really wanted to see if it was possible as a proof of concept," said Gregory. "It's a way to both generate unique content but also makes visual effects easier by removing much of the difficult work associated with green screens and rotoscoping. " 

This is not the first time Gregory has combined his love of music and video with groundbreaking technology. He began his career as a research computer scientist and went on to work for music technology startups in San Francisco during the Dotcom era. This development work led to advances widely used in the industry, including companies such  Avid, Ableton, and Apple. He later moved to the UK, where he has worked with clients such as Coutts Bank, the British Army, Microsoft, and BMW. 

Red Mercury is already back in the studio working on their next video commission. "The tools are evolving by the day, and I anticipate that high quality movie level visual effects and content will be available this year" says Steve Gregory. 

Watch the groundbreaking AI-generated music video "Follow Me" on Red Mercury's official YouTube channel.

Finally done - cover of Teardrop! 

This is by the far the greatest creative undertaking we've ever done. Over 100 people and multiple locations around the world. A full symphony orchestra, and music video shot in Paris. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!

New track released! 

Our new track is now available on all streaming services and for download. Check out the new cover of No Time To Die!

New Track in Production! 

We recently returned from Northumbria where we had a 4 day shoot for our new music video. We're now heavily into post production, while simultaneously producing and recording. Look out for updates here!