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Red Mercury Unveils Groundbreaking Music Video for "Romeo Echo Delta"

UK Duo Blends 1980s Sci-Fi and Eurovision Flair in High-Energy Progressive House Track

[LONDON, 27 May 2024] - UK electronic duo Red Mercury are back with a bang, pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity in their latest music video for the new single "Romeo Echo Delta." This high-energy progressive house track is a masterful fusion of 1980s sci-fi movie aesthetics, reminiscent of classics like E.T. and Aliens, with a playful nod to the flamboyant spectacle of talent shows such as Eurovision.

"While we wanted to create something fun and engaging, it was crucial to elevate our production quality for this single," says Izi Crawford, the band's vocalist. "With AI-generated videos becoming more common over the past year, we aimed to explore uncharted territory and deliver something truly unique."

Following the extraordinary success of their 2023 release, "Firefly," which topped numerous drum and bass charts and enjoyed extensive airplay on independent radio stations across Europe, Red Mercury ventures into new sonic realms with "Romeo Echo Delta." This latest track shifts towards a traditional four-on-the-floor house beat, while maintaining the intricate production and sound design that fans have come to expect from the duo.

The accompanying music video showcases Red Mercury's commitment to innovation and detail. This time, the band utilised cutting-edge technology used in TV productions like The Mandalorian. Steve Gregory, the band's audio and video producer, explains, "Virtual production is now accessible to the average person. We harnessed the power of Unreal Engine 5 and employed motion tracking via a Lidar scanner to create virtual sets that move with our physical camera. This method provides a more immersive experience without relying on traditional green screens. Additionally, we incorporated traditional 3D animation and AI tools like Midjourney and Runway to enrich the scenery with extra characters and backgrounds."

With "Romeo Echo Delta," Red Mercury continues to redefine the possibilities of music and visual artistry, delivering a captivating experience that is both futuristic and nostalgically familiar.

Red Mercury's “Romeo Echo Delta” is available on all major streaming platforms, and the video can be found online at

About Red Mercury
Red Mercury is an innovative electronic music duo from the UK, known for their genre-blending tracks and cutting-edge production techniques. Since their debut, they have consistently pushed the boundaries of music and technology, earning a dedicated following and critical acclaim.