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Red Mercury’s Innovative “Firefly” Groove Pushes the Boundaries of Electronic Music

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Red Mercury, a London-based electronic duo, expertly combines analog warmth with digital innovation to create amazing soundscapes that transcend genres. Their music, an effortless harmony of Progressive House, Trance, Breakbeat, and Drum and Bass, takes you on an unforgettable musical journey. 

Firefly (Original Single)


Emerging out of London’s thriving electronic music community comes the talented Red Mercury. With the release of their new single “Firefly,” Red Mercury shows off their gift for seamlessly blending different sounds into cohesive, enveloping works of sonic art. Through their creative experimentation and mixing of diverse influences, they craft detailed soundscapes that constantly push boundaries.

Red Mercury’s ‘Firefly’: A Mind-Blowing Music Journey with Stunning Video

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London’s Red Mercury has set sail with their latest song, “Firefly.” The song mixes drum and bass, synthwave, and cyberpunk sounds, making it a really cool and exciting ride. It’s like they’re combining the best parts of these different kinds of music to create something new and awesome.

Electronic/Review Red Mercury - Firefly

The Musical Road

Red Mercury is a London-based band renowned for their boundary-pushing approach to music and art. Blending genres with finesse, Red Mercury's music transcends traditional boundaries and immerses listeners in a world of sonic innovation.

Red Mercury take us on a high octane, cyberpunk trip with new single, Firefly

Establishing the mood with a rolling, drum’n’bass beat with astral textures and cerebral, synthetic nuance, Red Mercury open Firefly with intrigue, dimensionality and cosmic prose.

The opus expands with a charismatic vocal performance and dynamic production to take us on an astral trip, laced with intricacy and nothing short of instrumental mastery. Needless to say, we are hypnotized.